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Metatarsalgia (pain in the forefoot)

Metatarsalgia is sometimes called foot ball pain, pain in the area of ​​the foot just behind the toes, where the foot is walking tour. The pain is caused by a problem in one or more of the five metatarsal bones that
extend from half way to the foot to the toes.
Although many patients with metatarsalgia pain in his metatarsal bones join his finger bones, some also feel pain over the entire length of the metatarsals and possibly among them. Problems in this area can
range from a feeling of stiffness and rigidity to move those bones to a burning or stinging sensation. This depends on whether the problem to dysfunction of the joints or nerve irritation as they travel along the
metatarsals must.

The cause of the disease can vary, but the cause is due to either structural or functional reasons. An example of the structural causes is when the metacarpal bones are too long or too short cause abnormal foot
mechanics and excess stress in this area. The flat feet or excessive arc can also alter the tension in the metatarsal cause similar symptoms.
Other factors that may affect these bones are often in control of the individual. These include being overweight, tight shoes or high heels and run excessive or poor or athletic training. Excess weight and the use of high heels increases the stress on the ball, leading to joint pain and nerve irritation. Standing repetitive activities like running, directly metatarsal stress when exposed to constant trauma.
Regardless of the cause, your chiropractor can effectively care metatarsalgia. After determining what the underlying factors of the condition are, he or she can offer a variety of non-invasive therapies including braces, as well as tips on how you can avoid future pain.